β€œHe kept reaching for moments of soaring oratory last night, but kept running into the reality that he is not a soaring orator.” πŸ˜…

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Great summary. My take is that the establishment is planning on forcing Nikki Haley on us all. It just seems the party "leadership" does not understand, we are done with these same wretched people doing only things that enrich themselves and the donor class and neglecting the rest of the country. I just dont know if they will let Trump back in even with his poll numbers...interesting times we live in.

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"the rest of the GOP field is simply atrocious" which is why I didn't watch it knowing that you would and deliver an excellent report on it. And yes, Tim Scott is essentially leading himself away from the position, but maybe not accidentally, maybe to get a cabinet level position in the next Trump administration.

Great summary!

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Great review on that two-hour extravaganza of bullshit last night, Peter. Dang, I felt like stabbing a chicken or at least kicking the dog after suffering through it - only at the insistence of my dear mother.

Gosh, we need to spend even more on upgrading our military and must go to war over Taiwan?! Gadzooks!

Too bad none of them would tie the persistent inflation with the government spreading fiat dough foreign aid all over the planet if regimes play ball.

Social Security debate was interesting. At least one of them blubbered something about a means test to filter recipients. No one would dare mention removing the tax cap on it though. I know millionaires who are chagrined to receive a check every month and donate it to their favorite charity. One even remarked that he once tried to give it back to Uncle Sugar with no success.

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