That Pesky VAERS Data Refuses To Go Away

The media and the COVID vaccine apologists tried to dismiss VAERS. They tried to deny VAERS. They are trying to suppress VAERS (as researcher Jessica Rose unintentionally discovered). Yet VAERS refuses to get the hint and just fade away.

Even without Pfizer accidentally validating the VAERS data with their own adverse event data, VAERS still paints a grim picture of COVID vaccine safety. The question is no longer “are there adverse events?” but “how many adverse events are there?”

COVID vaccine apologists will often argue that “correlation is not causation” and they are right. Yet they overlook the caveat that belongs at the end of that statement: “…but it is connection.” VAERS may or may not prove the vaccines dangerous (the answer to that depends on how one views statistical methods of causal analysis), but there is no denying that it proves “something” is wrong with the vaccines.

VAERS is a loud warning siren alerting us to real concerns and potential hazards of vaccines. Doctors ignore that warning at their patients peril.