The Ambassador Bridge Is Clear--For Now

In an ending that was perhaps inevitable, this morning Windsor Police moved on the remaining protesters still on the Ambassador Bridge.

Windsor police said about 12 were peacefully arrested and seven vehicles were towed just after dawn near the Ambassador Bridge that links their city — and numerous Canadian automotive plants — with Detroit.

One word needs to be emphasized here: “peaceful”. This was a peaceful protest and the arrests themselves were peaceful.

No matter whether you support the Freedom Convoy or not (for the record, I do), give credit to the protesters to exercising their rights as Canadians the right way.

Contrary to what Justin Trudeau believes, peaceful protest, peaceful assembly, and the peaceful pursuit of the redress of grievances are not illegal.

I for one salute the protesters both for their discipline and restraint, and for having the courage of their convictions (something that cannot be said of the intemperate Prime-Minister-in-hiding Justin Trudeau).