The Government May Be About To Do Something Smart About The mRNA Inoculations

One reason people have been willing get jabbed is the jab was free to them.

That may be about to change, as the Biden Regime is winding down its purchases of the shots.

The move comes a few days after White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha confirmed on Tuesday that the Biden Administration had taken steps to get past the crisis phase of the pandemic and stop buying vaccines, treatments, and tests as early as fall.

“One of the things we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about in the last many months…is getting us out of that acute emergency phase where the U.S. government is buying the vaccines, buying the treatments, buying the diagnostic tests,” Jha said at an event sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

If people have to pay out of pocket fewer people are going to get jabbed; I doubt many people are going to want to fork over money for the shot. Moreover, insurance companies are not likely to quietly go along with shots which create other health problems insurance has to cover—insurance companies may very well find in the best interests of their bottom line not to cover the mRNA inoculations.

There's another wrinkle as well: Medicare and Medicaid rarely contain authorization for drugs in an EUA status—which is where the jabs are today (Pfizer’s Comirnaty is approved but is not available in the US).

Other challenges include the timetable each drug or vaccine manufacturer has for when they want to move into the commercial market. Also, Medicare and Medicaid, federal insurance programs for older and lower-income people respectively, don’t cover antivirals because they are only approved under an emergency-use authorization.

Which means short of recalling the jabs altogether, the Biden Regime not buying the jabs may be the best option for keeping the jabs out of people's arms.