The OPS Strategy: Pain

The Ottawa Police apparently have settled on their strategy for clearing Rideau Centre: beat the protesters into submission.

A reporter for Rebel News, Alexa Lavoie, was caught up in today's violence and was hit point blank by an OPS tear-gas canister.

Rebel’s Alexa Lavoie was at the front of the police line filming a Livestream when the chaos broke out. In her video, an officer suddenly lunges forward in an attempt to grab a protester who was simply standing across from him, which causes the entire line of police to begin their attack.

During the scuffle, Lavoie was hit three times in the head by an officer with a baton before another officer walked up and shot her in the leg “point-blank” with a tear gas canister.

After taking the blows to the head and remaining on her feet, the close-range shot causes Lavoie to collapse.

Ezra Levant of Rebel News Tweeted out video of the attack. There is no apparent provocation, the police simply attacked.

This is not how police are supposed to operate. Ever.