The Ottawa Police Crackdown Isn't Working

Since the Ottawa Police are (illegally?) confiscating fuel containers, the Freedom Convoy simply stopped using fuel containers.

"What was happening during the course of the day is some of the protesters were deliberately filling jerry cans with water, literally drinking out of them to show the police that they weren't gasoline," Sloly said. "Meanwhile, they were carrying gasoline in other containers that would have been carrying water."

Police made the announcement Sunday that fuel would not be allowed into the protest “red zone” and that anyone bringing supplies to the protest could face arrest. It came hours before police seized thousands of litres of fuel from a staging area on Coventry Road.

Meanwhile, the demonstrators themselves appear to not be subject to any arrest or even threat of arrest. It's almost as if the demonstrators are (gasp!) legal.

Which means bringing them fuel and food is also legal. A detail the Ottawa Police don't want you to know.