The Democracy Fund says they're providing legal defence for the truckers. Their donation site appears to be working -- my card was charged as expected -- and is at https://www.thedemocracyfund.ca/donate It's even tax-deductible (for Canadians). (There is also a "democracy fund" in the US which is completely different.)

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Feb 18, 2022·edited Feb 18, 2022Liked by Peter Nayland Kust

Remember that this is all premised on forcing people to take an exp. drug that hijacks their immune system and makes them MORE vulnerable to a virus that doesn't even resemble the original virus from two years ago.

This is 100% about fascism, Great Reset, and digital ID and surveillance.

The mask is off. It has been off, but now it is ripped off.

Take the jab (get on the trains), or be punished. Disgusting.

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