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Thank You Peter Nayland Kust! Your information has been amazing on this post as well as on the Canadian Freedom Convoy! I think that the Big Pandemic Lie is receding slowly but not fast

enough. I cannot believe that any parent in their right mind would give their 6 month to 5 year old this jab that they know so little about. But Big Pharma has won because people all over the world have been made to think that vaccines are the way to go from here to eternity. Unless there is a real public expose on how many have been maimed or killed by these jabs, a huge percentage of people will take the next round of unproven poisonous jabs. We need the Truth, all the Truth to come out, publicly. This includes the origin of the virus that our own government is implicated in the production of and all the lies and cover-ups. I am a Progressive Democrat, but the Dems have been so wrong on this. I hope that they learn the Truth and apologize to we the people for the tremendous harms they have fostered onto us. I am not holding my breath until this happens.!

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The pandemic may be over, but is the fascism?

How will our leaders relinquish this intoxicating "emergency use" power structure that they have commandeered?

I think it's been abundantly clear that "data" does not interfere with a power grab story.

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The pharmaco-fascists certainly like to ignore the data while they make up the science.

To answer your question, is the fascism over? Not even a little bit.

But their claim on power rests on the fear of the virus. When the cases recede, and the hospitalizations recede, and the deaths recede, the rationale for the mandates recedes as well.

The data does interfere, if not with the power grab, then certainly with holding onto that power. It's why the fascists have tried so hard to suppress the data. It's why the fascists have censored and tried to cancel anyone who dared put the data out there--Alex Berenson, Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, myself, and now Joe Rogan.

Within the data lies the truth. That is the one thing the fascists fear. They fear the truth because the truth never has to change, or rewrite history, or memory hole the past. They fear the truth because the truth is its own defense. They fear the truth because everyone who at last hears the truth is no longer amenable to bending the knee to a lie.

We're seeing this in the Canadian Revolution, and in the protests it is inspiring around the world. We're seeing this in the incumbent Regime's sudden interest in "recalculating" the COVID hospitalization statistics. We're seeing this in the countries that are dropping the COVID restrictions and mandates.

The more that people realize the pandemic has passed, the less the fascists will be able to terrify them.

The data is lethal to the fascism. Not right away, perhaps, but in its own time.

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I sincerely hope that you are correct. Just seems like a ton of "let's walk back the EUA Fascism and Jab Mandate" data has already been present, much of it early on.

And yet, still they plowed ahead. Including trying to jab the kids, who were never at great risk of the virus.

It occurs to me that you and I tend to operate from across the river on the degree we can expect good faith from our system or our leaders. I am far more cynical.

A difference that also shades our view of "Hey, Go Fund Me is doing illegal shit!" and me: "Big Tech exists in the land of illegal shit!"

But I appreciate your posts and perspectives very much. It's okay to disagree sometimes.

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My take on GoFundMe wasn't just that they're doing illegal shit, but that they are doing stupid shit.

The problem with Big Tech is that they aren't doing illegal shit, just immoral, unethical, and unconstitutional shit. Just like Big Pharma wrote the Obamacare legislation, and the military industrial complex wrote the Patriot Act, Big Tech wrote Section 230 of the CDA, which gives them carte blanche to censor without restraint.

But even at that, Big Tech is not thriving. Gab is growing even as Facebook is declining. MeWe, Telegram, and Minds all encourage freer discussion than LinkedIn ever envisioned.

I've been in IT since the beginning of the Internet. I've watched the tech companies rise and fall. I remember when Microsoft was going to rule everything, only to get sideswiped by Google. Facebook was going to be the ultimate social media juggernaut, and now they're threatening to pull out of Europe entirely (and the EU is okay with the concept).

The presumed geniuses in Silicon Valley have always succumbed to the taste of their own Kool Aid, and the current generation of geniuses doesn't look to be faring any better.

My belief is that spreading the facts around, showing people the rest of the data, arming people with the widest array of information, is the antidote to the corruption we see. Give people the facts and they will divine the truth. Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Business, and Big Government are not likely thrive in the spotlight of the truth, since the rationale for their existence hinges on lies.

I value your perspective quite a lot. That energy is essential if change is to occur. Facts and data are the best guides, but they are not worth a damn if there is not first the impulse to change things.

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