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This is getting so tiresome. The brains of these world masters of disaster and the media whores and pharma monsters they rode in on have been melted into a cheesy goo of putrid stew stirred enthusiastically by a cackling Satan. What would Shakespeare do with all this?

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So what?

The fear porn starts again while the USA has a “Dumb-Ass” president who allows millions of illegals to pour across the borders unchecked, unverified, untested, unable to maintain tracking info and yet this is all OK plus everyone else will soon be told it is necessary to start the proven disaster of masking, social distancing and some more “new vaccines”, “new modified vaccines”, interstate and inter-continental travel bans.

What BS and when will people finally rebel against the nonsense and idiocy.

The Medical community around the world does not spend anytime allowing discussions that involve any other thoughts, potential solutions that varies from the narratives pronounced by ill-informed - all-knowing, all paid politicians and big Pharma blowhards.

When will they shut-up and slink away?

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A perhaps unrelated note: after a couple years of their absence, this holiday season Miami is packed with Chinese tourists.

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Politicians and bureaucrats are, almost by definition, those who will do something rather than stand there, even if doing something is a bad idea. Activity, legislating, rule-making are ways to virtue signal... to the majority of us who just stand there, except for lifting a finger every two years or so to mail in a ballot. (I personally don't even do that. In fact, I don't just stand there either. I sit... and sit.)

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