The White House Is Trying To "Uncook" The Hospitalization Books

Last summer President Biden said the “unvaccinated” were overrunning the hospitals and the healthcare systems in the US. Now he's trying to cover up the fact that it never happened.

The administration’s goal is to get a more accurate sense of Covid-19’s impact across the country and whether the virus is causing severe disease. Senior Biden health officials have increasingly relied on hospitalization numbers, rather than case counts, to determine how to respond to the virus as well as the efficacy of the vaccines. Lower hospitalization rates could inform the administration’s thinking on public health measures such as masking. More accurate Covid-19 numbers also could provide a better picture of the strain on hospitals and which resources they might need during surges.

Overlooked by the narrative is the tacit admission of what I've said before: there never was a hospitalization crisis over COVID-19.