This Is Why The Legacy Media Sucks

According to the Associated Press, the “real” goal of the Freedom Convoy is to energize the GOP base here in the US for the upcoming midterm elections.

Yet whatever impact the protests have on Canadian society, and the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, experts say the outside support is really aimed at energizing conservative politics in the U.S. Midterm elections are looming, and some Republicans think standing with the protesters up north will galvanize fund-raising and voter turnout at home, these experts say.

Canadians wanting their fundamental rights respected is just an afterthought. Americans supporting Canadians in their quest to restore their fundamental rights is just an election year pose.

After all, whoever heard of a populist color revolution that wasn't the brainchild of the warmongers in the CIA and the US State Department?

People standing up for themselves against tyranny? That really happens?

Yes it does. And the inability of the elites to grasp that reality is why the people are likely to succeed.

The times they are a changin'.