"The Fed ... cannot ... ignore a weakening currency."

Uhm... Over the past ~50 years, the dollar has weakened by a factor of roughly 10.

If you're old enough to remember 1972, think back what stuff cost then. A house. A car. A gallon of gas. A loaf of bread. A gallon of milk. An ounce of silver or gold, or a pound of copper.

The Fed is responsible for this incessant decline in the value of the currency. They just don't want it to happen too quickly.

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"I feel your pain" should be "I caused your pain."

I remember the Carter Administration vividly.

For me, it was an era of amazing productivity, by necessity.

I was working 25 hours a week at the university library (interlibrary loans-lending), around 55-70 hours a week at one or more night clubs, all while going to pharmacy school full time (my dime)!

Eventually I came down with a massive case of mono, me!

I never got sick, just broken from motorcycle accidents.

The doc sat me down to have a discussion about "burning the candle at both ends" and I said "Doc, don't give me that crap."

He said "I'm not, it is just that you are using a f-cking flame thrower!"

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