Why Is China Still Terrified By COVID-19?

It is difficult to know exactly what China’s experience with COVID-19 has been. Such is the inevitable consequence of the country’s heavily controlled media and obviously fudged disease statistics.

Still, one assessment seems certain: China is still terrified by the virus. Consider the Zero COVID response in Jilin in the northeastern part of the country (emphasis mine) :

In Jilin, more than 95 per cent of the patients had only either mild symptoms or none at all, according to NHC official Jiao Yahui.

Nevertheless, as of Tuesday morning, more than 8,200 people were in hospital for Covid-19 in Jilin province, Jiao said.

“Moderate, severe and critical cases and patients at risk, such as the elderly and those with underlying illnesses, will be admitted to designated hospitals that are better equipped,” she said.

“Others, asymptomatic cases and those with mild cases, would be admitted to other designated and prefabricated hospitals.”

Why are “asymptomatic cases, and those with mild cases” being hospitalized at all? If they're asymptomatic, by definition they are not sick. Why waste finite hospital beds on those who have no need them

By any measure, China's extremism in the face of COVID-19 is unwarranted. Yet Zero COVID remains Beijing’s official pandemic policy, even though it has failed and is failing to halt the disease.

What is the world not being told?