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Republic of Korea birth rate 6.902/thousand, Japan birth rate 7.109/thousand. Both lower than China. source: https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/USA/united-states/birth-rate . The declining birth rate is a worldwide trend, not unique to the most totalitarian countries.

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The difference is that China orchestrated their birthrate decline, and now want to reverse it. Japan and Korea (and Germany) are a more or less natural socioeconomic evolution as a result of their rising out of the middle income trap. China has not yet made that transition, yet their birthrate is deliberately albeit suicidally low

As a general rule, rising incomes and greater prosperity lead to fewer babies.

But even Japan and Germany are cautionary tales. Both countries have fertility rates below the replacement rate, and their societies are visibly in decline (Germany can't even afford to field a functional military, which makes their antics with Putin darkly comical).

Over the longer term, demographics really is destiny.

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