Why The Totalitarians Will Never Win

It's important to remember there are other news stories out there besides the fading pandemic panic narrative and the Canadian Revolution.

In this instance, China serves up an obscure demographic statistic that illustrates why authoritarianism is inherently self destructive: marriages and births are on the decline.

Last year, Chinese mothers gave birth to just 10.62 million babies, an 11.5 per cent drop from 12 million in 2020, with the national birth rate falling to a record low of 7.52 births for every 1,000 people in 2021, from 8.52 in 2020.

Nationally, the number of marriage registrations in the first three quarters of last year dropped slightly from the first nine months of 2020, but it was crucially 17.5 per cent down from the same period in 2019.

To understand why this is happening and what caused the decline, one need look no further than China's monstrous “One Child” policy, and its impact on China's birthrate.

Note: the graph needs to be read right to left, instead of the traditional left to right.

China made family destruction official government policy by outlawing multiple children in a household. Now that they want to reverse course, they can't.

Invariably, the fascists sow the seeds of their own destruction.