I will be cross-posting. Thank you Tim Lundeen for sending this to me. - JLW

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Would that this data and corroboration make it into every newspaper, TV news outlet, medical journal...

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This all needs to be viewed through the lens of risk-benefit ratio, and it is obvious that there are *zero* benefits. If these shots were protecting vulnerable people from serious illness as is claimed, then "COVID-19" and "SARS-CoV-2 test positive" would not be the number one and number two symptoms listed in VAERS reports of serious adverse events.

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Solid stuff, thank you for the diligently assembled write-up!

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I would strongly recommend contacting Edward Dowd and his associate re these- as they perfectly match the data that he collated from the Insurance compant all cause mortality and disabilities data they were privvy to. Having these sources plus the Insurance records data (another independent source), make it extremely hard to disassemble.🤗

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I think there is a lot of very interesting and useful information in this article, but I would be very careful interpreting the main graph of disabilities here:


The units along the Y axis are "change from a year ago", and if you increase the range of years shown back to 2018 or so you will see that there was a dramatic drop during the first year of Covid (the range displayed in this article is in my opinion misleading). Depending on how these statistics are produced, it seems likely that this drop is an artifact and not real, possibly due to the same thing we see with other diseases and issues...underreporting because of Covid. If this is indeed the case then the significant increases you see after January 2021 could simply be reflecting those lowered numbers returning to more "normal" levels (remember the unit is "change from a year ago").

I think there is enough information in the remaining portions of this article to warrant genuine concern, and the findings here jive with data I've seen elsewhere regarding increases in disabilities and other health concerns increasing after Jan/Feb 2021 but not during 2020, strongly implicating the vaccination programs.

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Wow. They say correlation does not equal causation. But the data suggest that in this case, that premise certainly merits closer scrutiny!

Suggestion: randomly sample disability claims for the following:

m = manufacturer of injectable

n = number of jabs of said injectable

w = full weeks passed post most recent jab and onset of symptoms associated with disability

x = any extra information

That would establish whether there might (or might not) be causation.

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When you blindly trust authority while accepting propaganda and manipulation as fact, you are the one that suffers. Millions are beginning to discover this too late. Consider also the source of your data. None of us are immune from the corruption in place.

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