Peter, you are a genius in your ability to fully comprehend all of these convoluted financial mechanisms. Me, I’m left with questions. I’ll restrain myself to three.

First, how significant is the RATE of the yuan’s drop on Friday? That is, is this steep and rapid drop going to be seen by world financial markets as a signal to ‘panic’, or are fluctuations of this size and rate normal enough to financiers that they will conduct business as usual?

Secondly, it sounds as though everything Beijing has done to prop up their stock market is artificial- not based at all in market forces of voluntary buy and sell. So, how long do you think this ‘propping up’ can be sustained - months, years, or no historical basis on which to guess?

Thirdly - and you may have no data on which to base an answer for this one - how aware are the average Chinese citizens of the seriousness of this financial decline? Every culture has its quirks that only a native can understand, so I’m hoping that in your research you have encountered Chinese cultural experts who have commented on the average Chinese person’s comprehension of what is unfolding. I’m wondering how ‘clueless’ the culture is, or if they are secretly preparing themselves toward a huge change.

You are priceless, Peter. Thank you!

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