This kind of economic data is absolutely exciting to me, and fills my head with one cascading question after another.

First of all, congratulations on being right yet again Mr. Kust! And once again coming up with all the irrefutable, pertinent facts!

I don’t expect answers to all these questions, but I’m throwing some of them out there:

Now that deflation is a fact, how is it likely to affect Chinese banks’ small liquidity problem - make it worse, accelerate the rate, enable contagion to the US? And, China is not Japan - in a thousand ways - yet surely there are people in Xi’s administration who have studied the errors made by Japan during their deflationary period, so, any guess regarding lessons learned & different solutions to be implemented by Xi?

Regarding the geopolitical effect of this stagflation, I’m speculating on how it will affect Xi’s policies toward Taiwan, the Philippines, the Middle East tensions, and the entire Belt and Road Initiative. Will China have to cancel or delay many military and expansionist plans, or will the need to unite a restive population goad Xi into speeding up aggressions?

The answer to the geopolitical questions is probably just ‘we’ll find out as it unfolds’, but please keep us informed with any factual indications you uncover. Thank you!

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Typo - the ‘geopolitical effects of this *deflation*, not stagflation (the little brain is racing).

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Excellent information. Thanks.

Aging baby boomers and they discouraged more children for many years may not be helping. Didn’t they just change that policy to allow another child? If so, it will be scary what China will do in 20 years with millions of 20 year old men with no jobs. Odds are they will use them in military endeavours?

Immigration? Has china ever encouraged immigration? Lol. But the problem is…. Who would want to immigrate to China? Lol. North Koreans and that’s probably it. Lol.

China policies has also deterred new foreign businesses to go there? Who would want to invest in China anymore?

The CCP government did this to themselves and hopefully one day the good people of China catch on and expel their communist government. It would benefit world peace too.

Just my two cents for a laugh.

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Do you think it will spiral & will the $$ follow ...

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China’s economy is going to get worse, but how much worse is eternally an ongoing question. The trend is not good, but it's also not yet building to imminent economic collapse.

Ironically, the dollar is strengthened by China’s economic turmoil.

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