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"80%" -- I doubt the 64% in Austria as well. Even if there are 640,000 cases per million people, after almost three years now, how many of those cases are second, third, or Nth infections in the same person? Some people seem to catch it over and over again, while others seem to have avoided it entirely. The former appear (at least to me) to be mostly the highly vaccinated, while the later are those of us who've avoided injections but take plenty of prophylactic supplements.

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that guy in hunan would have been better off with chicken and rice than paxlovid.

to my knowledge there's no hunan chicken rebound

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I think 80 percent of the world has surely been exposed to the novel coronavirus by now. In my family, I think 100 parent of us us has (four people). I could add my mother-in-law, father-in-law, two brothers and that makes it 8-for-8 (100 percent). The variable is different people have been exposed to different variants and so do you count each mutation of the virus as a separate disease or virus?

I think we were close to achieving herd immunity in America in the spring/summer of 2020 ... but then the variants came around. Also, the vaccines have thrown everything out of whack because they seem to make more people more likely to be infected.

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