Well, that's one for the books.

I guess it means they will lie in unison.

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We already know the truth, and it's long past time for Congress to catch up with the crime that has been perpetrated against humanity:

> https://workflowy.com/s/beyond-covid-19/SoQPdY75WJteLUYx#/b3a20073d76f

Whether they do, and whether they disclose the truth to the world, is another matter entirely.

However, we can continue to spread whatever truth we have uncovered on our own:

> Please share David Martin's video link (or this "red pill" library link above) far and wide.

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Anytime Congress does anything unanimously, you can be certain they have nothing to lose and/or something to gain. Nothing happens in this government without a purpose that either makes things worse for us or better for them. Something is fishy, as always.

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