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What Makes COVID-19 A “Public Health Emergency”?....well, they haven't made enough money, maimed or killed enough people and don't have all the control they want....this is the list, in no particular order.......

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I just finished watching the 1978 remake of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. It seems like a metaphor for America in 2022.

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Thank you for this. Great analysis like always. The only thing I can say is, “was it ever an emergency?” Based on prior “bad” flu years (where data is suspect as well as they need to pump those shots too) which weren’t ever PHEs. I would say no.

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I have just simple question: Does people do something to stop this behavior?

I mean, do they call their politicians, do they discuss this publicly, do they form some opposition or they just sit and watch TV?

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No. It's not justified.


I notice Canadian officials use the term 'at least' too.

I'm convinced the two countries are coordinating their messaging to ram through a medical tyranny.

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All this cash is just like crack, or actually more like ice.

You can actually get some useful work out of crackheads, but meth-heads, forget it.

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I read an article on one of the news sites yesterday about one of the reasons they can't end it. The emergency lowered, or removed, restrictions on food stamps and medicaid (and probably other programs) They estimated there's something like 20 or 25% extra in those programs right now that wouldn't qualify.

It also eliminated the rule that people had to work.

Ending the emergency would kick a lot of people off the programs during high inflation/recession.

So thinking politically. Extend it to October when a "wave" hits and then it's justified to extend it to Jan when a red wave takes over. Then end it and toss the hand grenade to the Republicans.

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