What I’m seeing , as you’ve noted I think, is the government is doing a lot of hiring but private sector is laying off. Did you see UPS laid off 12,000 yesterday? That’s a bad sign. Our economy is being propped up by tax credits.

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I did note the UPS layoff--and layoffs are an increasing component of total separations.

The private sector is languishing and even stagnating, as tax dollars are siphoned off to support increasing layers of government.

There is not a snowball's chance in hell of this ever ending well for the American economy.

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I know that there are jobs posted on various Sites that they never seem to fill.

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Two years! This data shows that the job market, overall, has been worsening consistently for the past two years. All kinds of questions come to mind: Will the cumulative effect of this result in an economic big drop off soon? Does it indicate an underlying economic weakness, of declining manufacturing, and worsening readiness of the workforce in terms of education and training? Sure, Boomers are retiring, but some are leaving the job market because of personal problems such as drug addiction, right? Are the Overlords in power truly this clueless?

I imagine your answer is “yes, to all of the above”, (although with some qualifiers).

I could see a cultural shock coming, of war or depression jolting the American culture into realizing that we simply MUST get our act together. Stop the whining culture of being offended by everything and get serious about self-improvement. I sure hope so!

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