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What did China expect?

Covid from there? They want Taiwan after we just punished Russia economically for going into Ukraine? People just disappear if you disagree with the government. They held Canadian hostages a few years ago. They interfere with other country politics/elections and even influence people with their Tik Tok.

They are everywhere in the world. Even off the coast in Cuba! China has scared many away with their tactics. Hitting China financially as much as possible might wake them up.

Need to get all critical medication manufacturing out of China next. Until the good people of China get rid of their communist government …. I don’t trust them!!!

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[China’s economic crises are getting worse, not better, and are likely to get worse still before there is any improvement. ]

At what point would we expect an improvement, and on what basis?

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It is hard to imagine anywhere else worse than the US, but in a word, that's China.

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