Really great post. I admire you're ability to write and lay out the information Peter.

Personally, I believe your last point is likely to be the issue here. Like with everything there's likely to be a critical period in a child's developing years where exposure to antigens and exogenous substances are vital to creating a trained, complex immune system that can differentiate between the innocuous and the truly pathogenic. Unfortunately, the sterile environment many children have been living in has not provided children, and really many people in general, the foundations to create an antifragile immune system.

I think the only way to really figure this out will be to see if rates of allergies or autoimmune disease increase in the coming months/years.

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Re: Hepatitis: Wondering if there is a cover story in the works:


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Really great post, I like how you clearly communicate possibilities and probabilities. 👍🏽💕

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Thank you for making me feel on a downer this morning. Very good information indeed. Loads to mull over!

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You know, in late late 2019, I took Tam to the hospital for 2 days in a row with suspected pancreatitis, which she has had a couple of bouts with before.

On the second visit, the promethazine and tramadol had given her pretty good relief, and the Doc said "It's not pancreatitis from the lab results, probably a virus."

I followed him out the door, and remarked "We're not talking about a norovirus here, are we Doc?"

"I'm afraid not, and we are starting to see it a lot, I'm sorry, I've got to go on." he said.

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