Is An Humanitarian Disaster Unfolding In Huaguoyuan Community?

The residential compound in Guiyang known as the Huaguoyuan Community has the distinction of being the largest residential complex in Asia. Home to 500,000 people, it is now under Zero COVID lockdown. People cannot leave—nor, apparently, can they get food delivered.

Several residents at Guiyang’s Huaguoyuan Community, which is home to 500,000 people, said they were either running out of supplies or had gone without any food for few days after their compounds were locked down Saturday, according to social media posts. Some have even made desperate pleas to neighbors asking for any leftover food.

“An older resident at Huaguoyuan Area 1 hasn’t eaten anything for three days,” read a screenshot from messaging app WeChat posted on microblogging platform Weibo. “Please help to spread the word out or send some food.”

This was the horror show of the Shanghai lockdown, where people would stand on their apartment balconies at night crying and begging for food.

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That appalling history appears to be repeating itself. Different city, different set of apartments, same lunatic protocols that prevent people from getting even basic food supplies..

At what point do these insane Zero COVID lockdowns become a crime against humanity?