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Every auto insurance renewal I have received in the last 12 months, have increased by 25%!

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My 18 year old son has been trying to get a low paying job of any kind for many months. He has no strikes against him, yet almost zero replies to his applications. Thanks for another truthful post.

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I think the data also shows that it will remain in "seizure" only up until a point, because we are experiencing a forced (unnatural) flux in society as a whole.

Things are harder for businesses/industry for a number of reasons (supply constraints, inflationary costs, lower consumerism), but the bloated elephant in the room is that more people are injured/living with poor health, so they are not leaving the jobs, employers, are not hiring, but the workers are not as "productive" either. 😐

Combined with businesses cutting hires/costs to stay afloat, at the moment that is occurring faster than people are exiting, giving the illusion of healthy job economy.

I think the pivotal point will occur in 2 years time. I think there will be a large number of workers exiting, so large it will cause disruptions. Causing major policy adjustments.😐

There will be work for those fit and capable, but there will be less work across the board, as there will be less businesses across the board, and less products/services supplied.

This is not a natural cycle in the financial sector. It's been engineered to domino to a specific pattern.😐🤔🤨🤦‍♀️🤐🤐

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“When no one will see or admit to seeing what a problem is, solutions are immediately rendered impossible.” Smart! Also, “seize up” and “steady erosion” are two of the most insightful summations of the situation that we are likely to hear. You have the pertinent data and the intelligence to interpret them. You are a treasure, Peter! (How shall I gush at thee? Let me count the ways...)

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