"Abortion is a distinct circumstance where one potential party to the matter must have personhood unambiguously established. And so here we are."

Agreed. The Constitution neither precludes nor includes the unborn regarding personhood.

For Christians I would add that there is a passage in the Old Testament that refers to God giving "the breath of life" 6 months into a pregnancy. I don't remember the reference; I learned of it decades ago. Something keeps coming to mind...I'll look for it.

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Do not confuse identification with identity. You can identify a person from their DNA. It needs further argument, which you don’t supply, to conclude that DNA confers personhood on the individual so identified.

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I would argue the opposite. The 14th amendment makes it clear:

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States,"

The unborn zygote, embryo or fetus has by definition not been born (or naturalized). It therefore is not yet a citizen & does not enjoy the rights or protections of citizenship.

The amendment does not state "that will be, or is expected to be, born..."

Having said that, I do wish Eric Adams' girlfriend had been denied her abortion & the world spared another woke politician. 😎

Personally, had abortions been legal in the 50s, I would not be here. Any questions I held about my status within my birth family were made abundantly clear by 1 of my 2 older sisters when I was in my early 30s.

Yet I believe a woman should be able to terminate a pregnancy within the 1st trimester, & later than that in limited situations. I had a Catholic co-worker diagnosed with stomach cancer early in her final trimester. Her choice was stark: sacrifice her life to carry to term, or terminate & start chemo immediately.

She chose to sacrifice her life, and left a bereft, single father of 4. I am sorry she is gone, but relieved to know it was her choice. I would have been horrified if she'd received a death sentence by a bunch of politicians in DC.

For Christians, there is a passage in the old testament that makes clear that God "breathes life into" the not yet born at 6 months. Food for thought.

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Jun 27, 2022Liked by Peter Nayland Kust

Thank you for this fact based evidence! I now feel equipped to answer the "clump of cells is not a viable person" argument DNA = Person. If only we could have rational calm respectful discussions instead of blind rage screaming opinions. I will save this for future reference.

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