So as goes the US, goes the world.

China might be leading the world, but their quality control sucks.

Ever try to fix a Chinese VCR? The Japanese ones are imminently repairable.

Appreciate your posts, you are a real treasure here.

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May 22Liked by Peter Nayland Kust

One of the best things about your Substack is the wealth of hard, factual data you continuously unearth. It supports your analysis and has many times changed my view of what’s developing (for example, I worried about the imposition of CBDCs until you explained how they simply cannot work). I agree, the world is headed for a long period of hard economic times, as your data irrefutably shows. It’s the details you provide that make the difference. For example, about ten years ago, I read an article in Wired magazine about China’s Belt and Road Initiative, forging economic ties with dozens of underdeveloped countries in ways that made me worried about those countries becoming military allies with China in any conflict. But your explanation of the unforgiving lending conditions flips my understanding to realizing that they are more likely to end up antagonist to China! What a difference a little knowledge of harsh lending practices can make!

Your columns invariably stir up plenty of speculations and questions. In your digging for data, have you encountered any intriguing strategies countries have for dealing with the developing economic picture? For example, does China have a stated ‘plan’ for fixing their 20.4 % unemployment rate amongst those 16-24 years old? Has Germany come up with any viable tactics to deal with their economic woes?

The absolute best thing about your column is your brilliant analysis, Mr. Kust. Seriously, I wish you were employed at Cabinet level; this country needs you!

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At this point, I think the "experts'" job is to just try to cover up what their failed management has unleashed in the world economy. Observing today, they just plan on waiting it out--hoping they can avoid obvious disaster and move into growth. The media has provided enough cover in the past for this, but I fear the economic stagnation and/or decline may be prolonged and too obvious to the average citizen around the world.

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