Definitely not rare. I'm one provider. Woman with stable lymphoma for 4-5 years awfully exacerbated after first booster died soon after. Man with lymph node swelling and rapid cancer death post booster, among myriad other new health issues. Woman with severe lymphedema and other new health issues, post boost full work up pending. Man with exacerbated lymphedema, inflammatory syndrome, and then stroke after booster, dead. I could go on and on. Did actually. https://www.amazon.com/GASOLINE-Observations-After-Inoculations-Laymans/dp/B0BC2C1839/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3KPHDQWSVBT6B&keywords=gasoline+deanna+kline&qid=1677147306&sprefix=deanna+kline%2Caps%2C127&sr=8-1

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Dec 2, 2022Liked by Peter Nayland Kust

I thought the only fully approved mRNA jab was Pfizer’s Comirnaty(sp) and is not allowed to be given in the USA. So this seems like a bait and switch operation. This smacks of deceit by the Pfda and violates even the most basic informed consent process. If this has changed I want to know as I am very well plugged into this issue and would like to know if this has changed. Thanks Peter for your work. People have to pay for what they have enabled. If this guy is now—so be it.

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Here's an article from Forbes about covid curing a man's lymphoma cancer.


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Great article. Though I seriously doubt he is "cancer-free." Likely, they have it temporarily "under control." Furthermore, I'd suspect these folks to lie about his actual health status at this point. It would work better for the narrative if it seems like he has gone into remission, and then dies later, to make the death look "unrelated" to the shots.

Here's the 5-year survival rate for Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma: 43.4 percent


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You have opened the door to freedom from the “expert” politicians and people like Gates and Soros and maybe that will bring back some ethics and integrity and be rid of news media arrogance and those who have supported them.

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