Thus Ends The Pandemic Panic Narrative

While corporate media will likely never admit the many lies they told about COVID-19, nor will they acknowledge the shameless propagandizing they did on behalf of Pfizer and the Faucist experts of the CDC and the FDA, they are at least bowing to the inevitable and starting to move beyond the Pandemic Panic Narrative.

This wave marks the final regularly scheduled installment of the Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index, which began in mid-March 2020, as COVID-19 first swept the country. The latest results find a country that has largely — though not completely — moved on from the pandemic. The perceived risk the virus poses in Americans’ minds has steadily declined since the Omicron surge in the winter of 2022, and Americans have continued to engage in out-of-home behaviors despite cases rising in the beginning of the summer.

Americans are, by and large, done with the fear and the paranoia pushed relentlessly by corporate media for the last two and a half years. People understand that viruses are going virus and we have to live our lives in spite of that.

Whether people are was willing to move past seeking accountability from the corporate media, from Big Pharma, and from Big Government remains to be seen. The Faucists must answer for all the damage done, all the bodies harmed, all the lives senselessly lost because of the lunatic lockdowns as well the dangerous and deadly mRNA inoculations.