Aug 12, 2022Liked by Peter Nayland Kust

I wouldn't worry about inflation going down, the Inflation Reduction Act is right around the corner, and certain states like California will probably throw some gas on the fire, we can get back to double digits!!!

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The PPI and Import/Export Price Index are sending strong disinflationary signals. But food price inflation, shelter inflation, housing costs, global inflation, and even global food price inflation are all systemic upward pressures on prices that are going to continue for some time yet.

If energy costs even just halt their recent downward trend, the CPI goes right back up.

We are being given a hope of reduced inflation going forward. We are not being given the certainty of it.

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Peter, few of us can get a feel for this data like you, but I am getting the impression that it is not that it is that bad here, but that it sucks incredibly poorly every where else!

How much of this is incompetence, mismanagement, or deliberate destruction, and will we be spared the worst of it, only to be sacrificed to the gods of the Infernal Revenue Service?

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