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"a fresh assault towards Kyiv after the spring thaw in 2023."

So their armor is again restricted to narrow columns on highways lest it get stuck in the mud? Seems to me if they really wanted to do that, it would best be accomplished while the ground is frozen solid?

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A lot of folks get confused about these anti-air missiles, and especially about weapons such as the HARM anti-radar missiles intended to hit enemy radar installations, both mobile and fixed.

But the facts are, there is nothing to prevent you from using them on any ground installation whether radar site or medical center. Including the so-called "anti-air" missiles.

For many years in not only America's military, but essentially every military in the world, the anti-air missiles, while lacking in warhead capacity (except of course in the case of nuclear), were the most accurate surface to surface weapons possessed.

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So Zalensky is off to DC today to beg / demand more money for this conflict that he, NATO and US leaders could’ve prevented with some assurances and diplomacy while Russia methodically built up forces for its SMO.

Wish somebody would tell him to PACK SAND.

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