Unethical science does more to damage democracy and liberty than 'misinformation' ever could.

Who's going to stop them? With the way pharma has infiltrated all aspects and levels of academia and public health, it holds powerful sway over our medical existence.

It's going to take some very brave people to reverse this.

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Good article hadn't heard of this particular research where a hybrid was created, just have heard the fact that the two viruses could cause a coinfection. Curious as to how you found out about the GOF research?

Your paragraph towards the end perhaps explains the answer to your own question of What Was The Point: "The mechanics of an hybridization that is unlikely to occur naturally, given that it is an apparently rare pairing of viruses in a coinfection is an amazingly small benefit for a research project which could quite easily have created the next pathogen to escape from the lab to torment the world with yet more disease."

Creating the next pathogen to torment the world may have been the intent!!! Linking tomorrow @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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