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"so far, the 75bps hikes have not worked for the Fed, either."

Not surprising; it's too little, too late. They should have slowly increased rates 10 years ago. By 2012, the GFC was already a few years in the rear view mirror and rates should have come back to reasonable, historical norms; a couple of points above the actual rate of inflation. Instead, the Fed (and other central banks) kept them much too low this whole time, thereby enabling the irresponsible deficit spending by governments as well as blowing the biggest asset bubbles the world has ever known.

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Of course, all this is planned destruction of the world's economies in furtherance of the Great Reset. All bankers are in on the destruction, especially central bankers. Anyone who does not see this is not paying attention.

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I recommend watching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERDqyxTHZiU

and discussing.

A pivot is coming sooner than most of us realize because the US Fed and the ECB are shocking the world economy more than it can stand. Something has to give... and it will.

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Peter -- wondering, not familiar w finances and markets like you, what is the significance of this news, in re to Fed policy of fighting inflation (or the Luongo-led view of Fed fighting against the WEF/Davos crowd by shrinking the money supply so their eurodollar/shadow banking system crumbles)

JUST IN - U.S. Fed reverse repo facility use spikes to $2.426 trillion — a new record high.


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