Rideau Centre Is Now Tienanmen Square

Update: Apparently the woman whom the Ottawa Police brutally and senselessly trampled is alive but has a separated shoulder, according to the latest report from Ottawa.

Some in the Twitterverse have described her injury as just “a sore shoulder”. It is much worse than that. It will heal, but the police still have much to answer for.

Update: It may be the woman was not killed. The reports of her death have been walked back somewhat. That the mounted police needlessly trampled her is clearly shown by video footage at the scene.

The Ottawa Police killed a woman. They weren't trying to arrest her. They weren't defending Rideau Centre (the government buildings were never in any jeopardy from the Freedom Convoy).

They just trampled her to death because it pleased them to do so.

Trudeau has his Tienanmen Square.

“You can choose to look away but you can never again say that you did not know.” — William Wilberforce.