The mRNA Inoculations Disrupt A Woman's Cycle More Than Half The Time

Slowly, but surely, the toxicities of the mRNA inoculations are being acknowledged even by the corporate media. The admission by NBC News that the shots disrupt a woman's cycle more than half the time is but the latest example.

An analysis published Friday in the journal Science Advances found that 42% of people with regular menstrual cycles said they bled more heavily than usual after vaccination. Meanwhile, 44% reported no change and around 14% reported a lighter period. Among nonmenstruating people — those post-menopause or who use certain long-term contraceptives, for example — the study suggests many experienced breakthrough or unexpected bleeding after their Covid shots.

How did this get through the clinical trials? Simple—researchers at Moderna and Pfizer never asked women about their monthly cycles.

Isn't asking those kind of questions one of the main reasons for clinical trials?