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More Cracks In The Financial System

Why Is China's Outbreak So Different?

Another Recession Indicator?

Is The US Banking Industry Starting To Crack?

China And COVID: Everything Old Is New Again

How Can There Be An Energy Crisis With Falling Gas Prices?

Putin Pushes Back Against Oil Price Cap

Russian Airfields Have A Ukrainian Drone Problem

How "Brutal" Is The Flu This Year?

Putin Flunks Basic Math

More Masking Madness: Appealing To One's Own Credentials Is Always A False Argument

Fear-Gasm, Part Deux: Always Check The Source

Corporate Media Having A Fear-Gasm Over China COVID Wave

Calling The Latest Inflation Data "Optimistic" Is Simply Clueless

3.2% GDP Growth? Are You Sure About That?

What If The Fed Has Already Done All It Can Do On Inflation?

Rent Inflation Shows How Off Kilter Our Economy Has Become

The Oil Price Cap Is Holding, But Is It Working?

Why Is The BLS Jobs Report So Broken?

Ukraine Attacks Russia Again

Zero COVID Is Not Xi's Only Surrender

Hospitals Are Full? Umm....No

Flu Is Rising...Isn't It?

Philadelphia Fed Confirms BLS Is BS

Maybe Zero COVID Was Not So Bad?

Even Russians Get The Flu

Mask Mandates STILL Have No Science Behind Them

Inflation's Fall Has Little To Do With Interest Rates

Ending Zero COVID Merely Reveals The Extent Of China's Ongoing Collapse

A Second Execution Fails To Stop Iran's Mahsa Amini Protests

The Fed Raises Rates...Sort Of

China Ends Zero COVID With Zero Preparation For What Follows

There Is No "Tripledemic"

Xi Jinping Backs Down From Zero COVID Protests

Corporate Media's Christmas Gift: More COVID Fear Porn

Will Inflation Continue To Cool Gradually?

Personal Income Rose In October, Despite The Fed's Best Efforts

Is Iran Really "On The Verge Of Collapse"?

China Reopens To COVID Wave And Crashing Economy

The FDA Says Ivermectin Is Ineffective Against COVID...But Links To Studies Which Show That It Is.

Russian Oil Cap At One Week: Success, Failure, Or "Meh"?

Winter Has Come To The UK

Jobless Claims Are Rising While The Economy Is Growing?

Russian Pipelines, Meet Ukrainian Drones

Hooray! The US Economy Is Growing...Or Is It?

Britain's Winter Of Discontent Masks A Larger Food Insecurity Threat

China Is "Reopening", But Is It Too Late?

Iran Abolishes Its Morality Police...Or Did It?

The Russian Oil Cap Takes Effect

Ukraine Strikes Deep Into Russian Territory, Threatens Russia's Nuclear Deterrent Force

Blackstone's BREIT Investors Want Out Of Crashing Real Estate Market

The "Real" Reasons For Loosening Zero COVID Restrictions?

One Front Where Europe Is Clearly Losing The Economic War: Food Price Inflation

Fertilizer Prices: Famine Delayed?

Russia's Workaround To The EU Oil Cap: Its Own Tanker Fleet

November Was A Good Month For Jobs. Or Was It?

The EU Finally Caps Russian Oil. Russia Says It Will Find A Way Around The Cap

Beijing Blinks? Is The CCP Actually Backing Down After The Zero COVID Protests?

With Bi-Partisan Support, The Senate Strips Rail Workers Of Their Right To Strike

US Housing Market Is Leading The Way As Recession Deepens

Russia Appears To Be Capitalizing On NATO's Bellicose Rhetoric

The EU Can't Agree On A Price Cap, But Russian Oil Is Capped Anyway

Big Business Asks And Nancy Pelosi Delivers

Natural Gas Prices Are Tearing Britain's Price Caps And Subsidies Apart

Zero COVID Has Given China Both Record COVID Cases AND Historic Protests

Congress Commits To Preventing A Railroad Strike

Own Goal: NATO Just Gave Putin Great Propaganda Fodder

US Trade Groups Want Congress To Legislate Away The Threat Of A Rail Strike

The Diesel Demand Narrative Surrenders To The Data

Does Germany Have Time To Learn The Lessons From Russia?

China's Zero COVID Mess Is Getting Messier

China Continues To Snub Russia With LNG Deals

Ghana Wants To Buy Oil With Gold Rather Than Dollars

Energy Costs Are Surging In The UK, But Never Fear, There Are Price Caps

Russia vs Europe: Who Will Win?

China's Zero COVID Is Becoming A Political Crisis

Iran Doubles Down On Repression Without Success

Russia Still Struggles To Supply Its Troops In Ukraine

China Sees New Surge In Daily COVID Cases

Diesel Data Tells A Different Story Than The Narrative

The EU Parliament Says The Quiet Part Out Loud

Is Ukraine Attempting To Flank Russia's Defenses Along The Dnipro?

Europe's Energy Crisis: Non-Crisis Or Existential Threat?

The Fed's "Excess Savings" Myth

The Significance Of China's LNG Deal With Qatar: It's Not With Russia

Zero COVID Means Zero Chance Of China "Reopening"

A Railroad Strike For Christmas?

Is Wall Street Making Peace With The Fed-Induced Recession?

Remember Their Names

Mortgage Rates Are Declining?

Beijing Is Having Zero Success With Zero COVID, People Are Having Zero Patience

Oil Demand Is Rising, But Oil Prices Are Falling?

Twitter Loses Its Financial Staff

US Housing Market Continues To Collapse

Ayatollah Khomeni's Home Torched?

For Some Countries, Hunger Comes Early

Interest Rates And Recessions

Energy Price Inflation Came...And Went?

RIP Twitter?

Russia Is Facing A Road Problem Now That It Has Lost Kherson

The Federal Reserve Is Blaming Workers For Inflation--Seriously

Have Iran's Mahsa Amini Protests Become A Revolution?

Is The US Heading Towards A Nationwide Rail Strike?

Melitopol Bombing Shows Ukrainian Partisans Continue To Be Active Behind The Lines

Russian Missiles Striking Poland?

Treasury Yields And Mortgage Rates Diverging?

After OPEC Cut Production Quotas Falling Global Oil Demand Negates Price Advantage

China Tells IMF One Thing, China's Economic Data Says Something Quite Different

The IMF Looked At The Global Economy And Realized Everything Just Sucks

Iran Ups The Stakes In Mahsa Amini Protests, Sentences One Protester To Death.

China's "Easing" Of Zero COVID Collides With Rise In COVID Cases

Can Kalashnikov Fix The Russian Army's Supply Problems?

China Eases Zero COVID...Sort Of

Be Afraid...Flu Season Returns Early

Never Drink Your Own Kool-Aid

Iranian Protesters Turn Out In Memory Of "Bloody Friday"

You Can't Push A String

Loan Demand Collapsing Across The Economy

Zero COVID Lockdowns Intensify, Economic Outlook Worsens

October Brings Cooler Inflation, But Hot Spots Remain

Russia Pulls Out Of Kherson To Defend East Bank Of Dnipro

October Inflation Shows Unexpected Cooling

What Do Iranian Drones Among Russian Forces Tell Us?

Why Is Putin Militarizing Russian Schools?

Kherson Has Fallen?

Propaganda Or Prediction? Russia Accuses Ukraine Of Planning Radiological Attack

Zero COVID Continues After All

Iran's Mullahs Are In Serious Trouble

Will Europe De-Industrialize?

Is Russia Anticipating The Loss Of Kherson?

Signs Of Panic? Iran's Parliament Demands The Government "Do Something" About Mahsa Amini Protests

Iran Admits The Obvious: Russia Has Friends, Too

TASS Gives Russian Readers A Dose Of Realpolitik

The UK Is Officially Heading Into A "Winter Of Discontent"

Wall Street Remains On A Collision Course With The Federal Reserve's Reality

Even More Rumors About The End Of China's Zero COVID

Is The Final Battle For Kherson About To Begin?

The October Employment Situation Summary: An Economic Death Of A Thousand Cuts

Is China Starting To Unwind Zero COVID?

Lather, Rinse, Repeat: The Fed Once Again Does The Expected And Hikes Rates

Moscow Claims UK Involvement In Sevastopol Drone Attack. So What?

What Was The Point Of Creating An Hybrid Flu/RSV Virus?

Europe Is Shutting Down

Did Researchers "Discover" Or Create A Hybrid Flu/RSV Virus?

Mahsa Amini Protesters Are Growing Bolder

This Is Why "Amnesty" Is Not Possible: Researchers Are Still Playing God With Viruses

Emily Oster Asks For Forgiveness, But Denies Needing To Be Forgiven

The Return Of Energy Price Inflation

Russia Responds To Military Strikes With Attacks On Civilians

Canada Gives An Object Lesson On Importance Of Negative Rights

Zero COVID means Zero iPhones

Russia's Mobilization: Combat-Capable Troops Or Just More Cannon Fodder

Iran's Revolutionary Guards Issue Protest Ultimatum....And Iran's Students Ignore It.

Zero COVID Continues To Be The New Normal In China

Cold And Flu Season Returns With A Vengeance

Iran To Crack Down On Mahsa Amini Protests?

Inflation: Peaking Or Pausing?

PCE Index Shows Marginal Progress On Inflation

Russia's Collapsing Industrial Production Can't Support Putin's War

Iran Is Creating More Symbols For Opposition By Firing On Mahsa Amini Protests

The BEA's 3rd Quarter GDP Estimate: Expansion By Subtraction

The Odds Of A National Railroad Strike Just Got Higher

Is The Islamic Republic About To Fall?

Did Volcker "Beat" Inflation Or Simply Ring-Fence It?


Can Russia's Deficit Spending Save Russia's Economy?

The Energy Crisis Is A Crisis Of Change

Inflation Eroding Americans' Retirement Savings Efforts

Zero COVID, Max Measles?

Russians Are Preparing Last Ditch Defenses Around Kherson

Faucist Hostility To Ivermectin Undiminished

Ukraine's "Fifth Column" Inside Russia?

What Exactly Is The UK Energy Crisis?

Why Is The Governor Of Kursk Expecting An Ukrainian Invasion?

The Credit Rating Agency Vultures Are Circling The Carcass Of UK Debt

Treasury Secretary Yellen Believes Inflation Is Not "Embedded" In US Economy

As Predicted, Xi Jinping Goes Full Mao Zedong

Wall Street Knows The Crash Is Coming, But Won't Try To Stop It

Did Xi Jinping Decapitate The Opposition?

What Should Be The Federal Reserve Strategy On Inflation?

The Battle For Kherson Is Intensifying

The Largest iPhone Factory In China Under Lockdown

Putin's Costly War

Not All Scientists Are Faucists

Military Mistakes Underscore The Threat Of Wider War Over Ukraine

Does China Have Enough Energy For The Coming Winter?

And....She's Gone

Does Russia Have An Armed Resistance Group Forming?

Russian Car Sales Hit The Skids

Shell Games: The Faucists Close Ranks To Defend The Indefensible Boston University "Study"

Is Ukraine About To Retake Kherson?

No Signals Flashing Red On Recession?

New Zealand Continues To Retreat From Pharmaceutical Authoritarianism

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Will The Real BofA Please Stand Up?

Flu Season Is Coming. Fortunately, So Is The Data

The Pandemic Panic Narrative Refuses To Die

The "Experts" Are Playing Catch Up

We've Had Food Price Inflation. Now We Get Food Insecurity

UK Shows How Loose Money Policy Turns Into A Giant Interest Rate Swap

UK Chancellor Promises To Make Pensions Less Solvent.

China Is Facing Its Own Energy Crisis

The Russian Bear Is Pushing Back In The Donbass

Shelter Price Inflation May Be Starting To Cool. The Housing Crisis Is Just Getting Started

Russia Is Attempting To Restart Sakhalin-1

Russia Is Evacuating Civilians From Kherson

Trick, No Treat: No Good News In The September CPI Summary

BofA Predicts Collapse In Labor Markets Next Year

As Expected, The CPI Ignores Powell's Rate Hikes

Powell's Puzzle: Rate Hikes Still Are Not Having Much Effect On Inflation

Russia’s Warhawks Are Advocating A Losing Strategy

Iran Protests Continue To Expand With Oil Workers Strike

Russians Helped Blow Up The Kerch Bridge?

The Price Of Zero COVID: China's Future

OPEC Oil Cutback Having Less Than Expected Price Impact

And Just Like That, The Threat Of A Railroad Strike Returns With A Vengeance

Putin Swings...And Misses?

India Reminds Us That Inflation Is Still A Growing Global Issue--And Still Not A Monetary Problem

Not Done Yet: Russia Presses To Regain Offensive In Ukraine

Mahsa Amini: Iran's Version Of Laszlo Tokes?

Unlike COVID, Ebola Is A Real Public Health Threat

The Return Of Cold-War Brinksmanship

A Pro-Ukrainian Azerbaijani Terrorist?

Energy Price Inflation Is Going To Make A Big Comeback

Russia Has A Pipeline Problem

Did Ukraine Just Take Out The Russia-Crimea Bridge?

Workers Continue To Lose Money

Employment Situation Summary: Strong, Weak, Or Lou Costello Labor Math?

Pandemic Postcript: The CDC Will Now Report COVID Weekly Along Lines Of Flu Season Reports

ADP Employment Report Suggests A Modest BLS Employment Situation Summary And A Cooling Jobs Market

The Fed Is Not The World's Central Banker

Where Sanctions Bite Hard

The Markets Are Missing The Point: Credit Suisse Is NOT "Lehman Brothers 2.0", But Bear Stearns

Moscow Stock Exchange Shows No Confidence In Putin's War Strategy

China's Ultimate Economic Challenge: Timidity

Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary: Good News For The Fed Or More Lou Costello Labor Math?

Is A Global Banking Crisis Looming?

China Is Preparing A Massive Currency Intervention

Suddenly The US Economy Is Showing Robust Growth?

"Peer Reviewed" Or "Pal Reviewed"?

The Fed Needs A New Inflation-Fighting Strategy

The Next Supply Shock: India's Dairy Industry Hit By Disease

Faucism And The Sound Of Silence

Has The Great Financial Crisis 2.0 Already Begun?

Russia Concedes Key Logistics Hub In The Donbass

Global Recession Means Global Chaos

Personal Income And Outlays Report Reminds Us How Little Control Powell Really Has Over Inflation

Eurozone Inflation Reaches Double Digits

To No One's Surprise, Putin "Annexes" The Donbass

The Fed's Favorite Inflation Indicator Shows Powell Is Still Losing

The Breaking Begins: BoE Intervention Halts The Rise In Yields At The Expense Of Everything Else

Hurricane Ian Laid Siege To Ft Myers, Florida...And Won

US Seahawk Helicopter Was Reported Over The Blast Sites In Early September

Sweden Discovers A Fourth Leak On Nord Stream Pipelines

Through The Looking Glass: What The "Experts" Refuse To Acknowledge About Inflation

Ian Came And Went, Leaving Wreckage In Its Wake

The Nord Stream Sabotage May Be Irreparable

The Bank Of England Bails On Inflation Fight

Nord Stream Sabotage Is Not The SHTF Moment The Markets Are Expecting

Hurricane Ian On Course For Central Florida

Housing Crisis, Banking Crisis....Marriage Crisis?

The Light Up Ahead Is Not The End Of The Tunnel

Florida West Coast Expecting Severe Storm Surge

What The Corporate Media Still Does Not Understand--China's Economy Is Imploding

The New Image Of Faucism

Hurrican Ian Takes Aim At Florida (And Powell's War On Inflation)

Giorgia Meloni: Italy's Next (And First Woman) Prime Minister?

Inoculation Fail, Booster Fail, Mandate Fail

Is Economic Chaos About To Rip The EU Apart?

What Global Recession Looks Like: Brits Are Cooking Less

Russian Markets Take A Dim View Of Mobilization

Putin Raises The Stakes For Everyone

Russia Mobilizes 300,000 Reserves

Third Quarter Poised For Yet More Contraction

China's Housing Crisis A Painful Lesson In The Laws Of Economics

Counter-Narratives: Why The Sunny Optimistic Market Propaganda Is Wrong

Will The Railroad Deal Hold?

China's Protein Problem: Rising Pork Prices

COVID Travel Restrictions Continue To Fall

Did Putin Just Tip His Hand On Ukraine?

Powell's Paradox: Curing Inflation Will Create A Money Shortage

Will Propaganda Lead Us Into WW3?

Did The White House Suddenly Discover Freedom Of Speech?

FedEx CEO Said The Quiet Part Out Loud

China Tries To Reinflate The Housing Bubble

State Of The Economy: Strong Or Sick?

Atlanta Fed 3Q GDP Nowcast Drops To Just 0.5%

Did The White House Just Pull A Railroad Rabbit Out Of The Hat?

Amtrak Expects A Rail Strike

The CPI Data Was Horrible, But The PPI Is Better

Thus Ends The Pandemic Panic Narrative

August Inflation Proves Powell Has No Control Over Inflation

EU Wants To Cut Energy Consumption By 10%--Recession By Decree

Consumer Price Inflation Declined In August...Barely

While New Zealand Retires Zero COVID, China Doubles Down

Market Inflation Hopes Are Like Second Marriage--A Triumph Of Hope Over Experience

Russia's Economy Is Contracting, Adding To The Global Economy's Woes

Medical Crisis Declaration: Taking A Stand Against The Dangerous and Deadly mRNA COVID Inoculations

Poliovirus: New York's Genuine Case Of "Cryptic Transmission"

Is An Humanitarian Disaster Unfolding In Huaguoyuan Community?

First Time Unemployment Numbers Dropped Last Week. Does That Mean August Inflation Will Rise?

GDPNow Shows Further Decline For Third Quarter

Zero COVID Means Lockdown Forever

Jay Powell Is Lost In The Weeds

Misplaced Market Optimism?

Societal Suicide Or Societal Collapse?

The ECB Raises Rates 75bps

And Then Recession Reality Set In....

Signs Of Recession: OPEC Production Cuts Fail To Sustain Price Of Oil

The Retail Recession: A Demonstration Of Inflation's Destructive Nature

Yet Another Study Proving Ivermectin Works?

Lockdown Lunacy Spreads Across China...Again

This Is What Societal Suicide Looks Like

The Recession Deepens: Amazon Bails On New Warehouses

From Energy Crisis To Food Price Inflation

Axios Proclaims Paxlovid An "Enigma"

Study Shows Omicron BA.2.75 Is Not A Threat (Maybe)

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

How Much Lou Costello Labor Math Did The BLS Use This Time?

Chinese College Students Are Under Permanent "House Arrest"

COVID-22, Anyone?

The Hidden Weakness Within The Labor Market

Yes, China Is Collapsing

The UK Is Heading Into A Depression

FDA Rolls The Dice On 'Bivalent' COVID Inoculations

It Never Rains In China, It Just COVIDs

JOLTS Report Is Just More Of The Same.

A Strong Labor Market?

Fallout From China's Drought Is Getting Worse

Another Day, Another Example Of Paxlovid's Failure

And Then There's Russia

Record Drought Is Threatening China's Fall Harvest

Powell Was Blunt At Jackson Hole: He Will Crush Inflation And Any Part Of The Economy That Gets In His Way

Inflation Is Cooling Down, But So Are Disposable Incomes

PCE Index Will Show Inflation Easing, But Still Painfully High

Just Don't Call It A Recession

Monkeypox: The Non-Emergency Public Health Emergency

Signs Of Recession: This House Not For Sale

COVID Has Not (Yet) Killed The US Constitution

Feckless Fed Is Destroying Demand, But Not Inflation

A Break For Meat Eaters?

The Futility Of Pfizer's Omicron Booster In Two Headlines

China May Be Getting A Break From Zero COVID Madness

The Government May Be About To Do Something Smart About The mRNA Inoculations

A Time Of Choosing For China: Zero COVID Or Economic Recovery?

Before You Can Get The Omicron Booster Shot Which Doesn't Work, You Must First Get The Original mRNA Inoculation Which Really Doesn't Work

Corporate America Is Starting To Grasp The Obvious: America Is In Recession

Rising Interest Rates Are Killing Off Mortgage Lenders

Drought Adding Another Layer To Global Economic Crisis

Research Shows I Was Right In 2020

If No One Notices They Have Omicron, There Is No Crisis By Definition

The Gathering Housing Storm

Narrative Shift: Now Global Monkeypox Is Being Spread Through Sex

Atlanta Fed Gets A Reality Check On 3rd Quarter Growth Prospects

Cracks Emerging In Housing Market Foundations

"Dynamic" Zero COVID: Zero Logic, Total Chaos

UK's Omicron Specific Boosters Are Already Ineffective, But NHS Will Push Them Anyway

New York Fed Cuts Against Government Narrative Of Strong Economy

States Are Preparing To Goose Consumer Price Inflation

Is Germany Committing Political Suicide?

How Long Before China Goes Into Full Lockdown?

Africa, The "Forgotten" Monkeypox Outbreak

Headline Numbers Say Inflation Has Peaked. Warning Signs Say More Is Coming

Two Signs We've Reached Peak Inflation

Zero COVID, Zero Output, Zero Options, Zero Future

This Is How Pandemic Panic Ends, With But a Whisper

What Does The Fed Do Now?

July CPI Print Awash In Surprises And Contradictions

GDP To Grow Again In The Third Quarter?

State Of Emergency?

Russia's Declining Stock Market Signals The Depth Of Russia's Economic Woes

Anarchy In The UK

Zero COVID Means Zero Future Business For China

Is China Locking Everyone Down Yet Again?

And Just Like That, Zero COVID Took Out A Prime Tourist Spot In China

The Monkeypox Pandemic Panic Narrative Hits Its Stride

Where Does The BLS Jobs Report Leave The Fed's Rate Hikes?

BLS Earns An A+ In Lou Costello Labor Math

Contagion Effects In Full Force As China's Economy Spirals Towards Collapse

Progress Against Global Food Price Inflation?

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

As The US Economy Contracts, Privation Expands

Global Economy Is Sinking Into Recession

The CDC Is Lying About Myocarditis Link

Everyone Panic! It's Monkeypox!

There's No Crisis Like A Food Crisis

Tight Labor Markets?

Where Will July's Inflation Be?

Fed's Favorite Inflation Gauge Confirms Food Price Inflation Worse Than Overall Inflation

China's Economy Is Shrinking. Will Its Harvests Do Likewise?

China’s Economy Contracts Again

China's Growing Mortgage Revolt Is Driving Increasingly Drastic Measures

We're In A Recession. How Do You Feel About That?

Wuhan, Birthplace Of COVID, Goes Back Under Lockdown

Recession "Confirmed": GDP Shrank For Second Quarter In A Row

Federal Reserve Does The Expected And Hikes Interest Rates 0.75%

Fed Forecasts GDP Decline Of Only 1.2%

When Is It A Recession? Depends On Who's Asking

Inflation Stalks Corporate America's Bottom Line

Deborah Birx Lied...And Is Still Lying

Food Price Inflation Today, Food Insecurity Tomorrow, Hunger The Day After?

Monkeypox: WHO Says It's Time To Panic

Snarled Supply Chains: Gig Worker Laws Are Making Them Worse

More Heads Roll In China's Evergrande Collapse

Job Loss, Dead Ahead

Face Masks: A Study In Science Denialism

The Fed Is Winning The Battle To Crush The Economy

The Fed's Bitter Medicine Is Souring The Jobs Market

Real Estate Crisis, Banking Crisis...Political Crisis?

Breaking News: Mask Mandates Still Don't Work

Is Beijing Losing Control Of China's Collapsing Real Estate Sector?

US Economy Shrank 1.6% In 2Q

Monkeypox: Are You Scared Yet?

Vitamin D Is Still The Best Candidate For A COVID-19 "Magic Bullet"

The mRNA Inoculations Disrupt A Woman's Cycle More Than Half The Time

Well, Lookee Here, Yet Another Variant

COVID-19: The Endless "Emergency"

Will China's Real Estate Crisis Trigger A Banking Crisis?

Will The Trains Still Run (On Time Or Not)?

Producer Price Index Promises More Inflation To Come

Inflation Is Getting Worse: Wall Street's Reaction

June CPI Report: Inflation Is Hot And Getting Hotter

Is China Moving Ahead In Global Race To The Bottom?

How Bad Will Today's Inflation Report Be?

Wall Street Is Pricing In More Inflation

What Commodity Price Changes Can Tell Us About Future Inflation

Do Falling Rents Signify Peak Inflation?

Stock Markets Are Still Denying Recession, Bond Markets Are Pricing In A Deeper One Than Expected

The BLS Report Is In

There's A Recession...We Need More Stimulus!

Good News! 2nd Quarter GDP Might Not Suck Quite So Bad!

This Is Why The Fed Can't Stop Hiking Rates

Treasuries Continue To Invert

Signs Of More Lou Costello Labor Math?

Has Stagflation Scrambled Wall Street Brains?

"Airmageddon" Aftermath

Facts Submitted To A Candid World

Another Holiday, Another "Bad Weather" Excuse

At Least Oil Isn't Spiking...Yet

Don't Fly This Weekend

Call The Technical Recession Already

As The Economy Contracts, The Markets Are Waiting For A Fed Bailout

Modern Monetary Insanity, Part 2

Modern Monetary Insanity, Part 1

Brace For Impact

Inflation Coming To An End?

Bodily Autonomy: Our Inalienable Right Of Choice?

Inflation's Impact: Working More Just To Stay Where You Are

Stagflation: While Inflation Rises The Real Economy Sinks

Not Just Inflation. Stagflation.

Personhood: Abortion's Essential Question

A Tale Of Two Central Banks Revisited

Yet Another Disease?

Monkeypox Pandemic Panic Is Spreading Faster Than Monkeypox

Monkeypox Virtue Signaling Is NOT A Solution

The "Experts" Finally Get It: Inflation Is Economic Poison

The Monkeypox Pandemic Panic Has Begun

One Country's Food Price Inflation Is Another Country's Food Insecurity

Untangling Interest Rate Hikes

The Technical Recession Cometh

No Clear Cause For Hepatitis Cases In Children, But It Can't Be COVID

Monkeypox Has Changed. The WHO Hasn't

Nope. No Food For Baby Yet

Canada's Faucists Pick And Choose Who They Want To Inoculate

Atlanta Fed Sets Stage For Technical Recession

Even Corporate Media Is Admitting The Truth That Lockdowns Have Made Kids Sicker

There's A Whole Lotta Inflation Going On

The Faucist's Dilemma: Politically Correct Disease Names

Inflation Is Going To Get Worse. But How Much Worse?

We've Been Here Before

Shanghai Locks Back Down...AGAIN

It's Official: Inflation Is Getting Worse

Rising Inflation Means Global Recession Is Here

Global Red Flags Addendum

Monkeypox Mutations: Natural Adaptation Or Lab Created?

Monkeypox: Where Are The African Cases?

Some Actual Progress In The Infant Formula Shortage?

Global Red Flags

Score Another Win Against The Mandates

BLS Jobs Numbers Look Good, BUT....

FDA Dedicates "All Available Resources" To Fix The Infant Formula Shortage It Created

ADP Payroll Report Is A Little Good News Covering Up A Lot Of Bad News

CDC Issues Paxlovid Warning. But What If The Problem Isn't The Drug?

Has The FBI Ever Heard Of "Conflict Of Interest"?

What If Government Does Not Work?

Canada Continues To Discriminate Against The Non-Inoculated Untermenschen

Who Decides?

About That Summer COVID "Wave"....

Hepatitis Is Everywhere. Apparently, So Is Gastroenteritis

Ethics Matter

Paxlovid Rebound Infection Cases Continue To Rise

Lessons Not Learned: Monkeypox Is Becoming Another Corporate Media "Epic Fail"

A Tale Of Two Central Banks

Clearly, The Data Is Wrong

No Sh*t, Sherlock!

Pfizer's mRNA Inoculation Is Ineffective Against Omicron In Adults, But It Works In Children.

Infant Formula Shortage Is A Tragedy In Two Acts

The Reality Of Rebound Infection Setting In For Corporate Media

Belgium's Monkeypox "Quarantine": Historical Reaction Or Hysterical Overreaction?

The Latest Pox On Our Houses

Hepatitis Cases Mount, And So Do The Theories

This Is Not Okay

Asset Price Deflation: The Bubble Is Bursting

What Passes For "Debate" Among Wokesters

Red Pilled Doctor Brings Receipts

Yet More Proof That "Expert" Is Wokespeak for "Blithering Idiot"

More Supply Chain Pain, More Hunger Pangs

The Ever-Changing Political Science Of Mask Mandates

From Supply Chain Pain To Hunger Pangs

This Omicron "Wave" Is Not Even A Ripple

The World Of Finance Is Having A Very Bad Day

Israeli Wastewater Study A Study In Junk Science

Well This Is Awkward....

Washington Tradition Becomes COVID Super Spreader Event

Xi Jinping Leading China Over A Zero COVID Cliff

NY Governor Hochul Tests Positive

The World Is Shedding Its Wealth

Is Russia's Gold Gambit Working?

Do Not Look The Other Way. Look At China Under Zero COVID

BA.2.12.1, BA.4, BA.5, Omicron XE...Surely ONE Of These Is Scary?

Okay, BA.2.12.1 Was A Dud. BA.4 and BA.5 Are The Real Deal....Honest!

Pfizer Wants To Jab Your Kids

Why Russia Can't Go To A Gold Standard Any Time Soon

Kamala Harris Tests Negative After Taking Paxlovid. Will It Last?

Trust The "Experts": BA.2.12.1 Is Really A Concern

Beijing: Locking Down By Degrees

NOW It's A Crisis?

Shanghai Cages Its Residents As COVID-19 Cases Spike Yet Again

Faucism's Epic Fail: COVID-19 "Rebound" Only Baffling To Those Who Don't Do The Required Reading

Moderna Is Coming For Your Children

Simple Is Not Satisfying: Hepatitis Mystery Deepens

BA.2 Subvariants Are Spreading, So Be Afraid, Okay?

World Economy Is Signaling Times Will Get More Interesting

Zero COVID Worked So Well In Shanghai, Let's Try It In Beijing

Shanghai: Where Zero COVID Came To Die

Los Angeles: The Mask Mandate Lives

China's UnionPay Backs Away From Closer Sino-Russian Ties

And...It's Gone: Philly Ends Mask Mandate After Just Ten Days

Vaccination Rates Are Down: Fallout From The mRNA "Vaccine" Fiasco?

Russian Inflation Surpasses Central Bank Interest Rate For 2nd Week

Shanghai Eases Its Lockdown: A Victory For Zero COVID?

As Simple As Possible But No Simpler: Some Cautionary Thoughts On The Juvenile Hepatitis Cases

You REALLY Need To Be Afraid Of BA.2

Falling Rice Yields Mean Rising Hunger

Still Not Scared By BA.2? Maybe The ICU Stats Will Scare You...Nah....

Case Rises Still Not Matched By Mortality

Why Is Russian Media Pushing Total War?

Be Afraid Of BA.2. Be Very Afraid (Please?)

Russian Food Price Inflation Keeps Rising

Shanghai: The Grim Reality Of Pandemic Paranoia

Russia Being Deprived Of Lithium?

What Happens When Moscow Doesn't Get Its Way? War

France: In Or Out?

Shanghai: Pandemic Panic To Pandemic Paranoia

Has Russia Used Chemical Weapons In Ukraine?

Russia’s Expectations For Ukraine: Surrender

Train Station Missile Attack Is A War Crime, But Who Committed It?

The Markets Are Missing The Point: Rate Hike Will Cause A Deep Recession--That's The Whole Idea

Russian Oil Is Getting Cheaper?

Anthony "The Science" Fauci Boldly States The Obvious: COVID-19 Cases Will Rise In The Fall

Pfizer Knew The mRNA Shots Were Toxic And Hid That Knowledge

Is The Ruble Actually Linked To A Fixed Price For Gold?

Russia Has Been Booted Off UN Human Rights Council. Will Anybody Care?

In Theory, The 2nd mRNA Booster Fails Quickly. In Reality, The mRNA Shots Fail, Period

Shanghai Lockdown: Doubling Down On Faucist Mistakes

The Next COVID-19 Wave?

The Ghost Of Weimar: Hyperinflation Returns To Germany

Shanghai Lockdown Makes A Mockery Of China's COVID Vaccines

China's Zero COVID Policy: The Definition Of Insanity

Great Britain Admits COVID-19 Inoculation Offers No Benefit To Children, But Pushes It Anyway

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